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Choosing International Learning Planners (ILP) for visa counselling ensures a smooth and successful journey to your international education dreams. Here’s why ILP stands out:

Top-notch Visa Counsellors: ILP boasts a team of the best visa counsellors in India. Our experts are extensively trained and bring over 14 years of experience to the visa counselling process.

Proven Success: We take pride in our 100% visa success rate. ILP’s commitment to excellence ensures that your visa application process is not just a formality but a guaranteed step towards realizing your study abroad aspirations.

Crucial Component of Study Abroad Counselling: Visa counselling is a pivotal part of study abroad planning. ILP understands its significance and ensures that every student is well-prepared to showcase a legitimate study permit, a prerequisite for international education or immigration.

Mitigating Visa Interview Pressure: Visa interviews can be daunting, and ILP ensures that you are well-prepared to handle them confidently. Our guidance minimizes the pressure, increasing your chances of a successful visa application.

Strict Adherence to Regulations: Every country has its own visa regulations, and ILP ensures strict adherence to these guidelines. Our disciplined approach ensures a smooth visa processing experience.

Choose ILP Overseas for visa counselling that goes beyond routine assistance, ensuring your journey to international education is not just a dream but a reality!


Benefits  of Studying in ILP Overseas:


Tailored Visa Interview Guidance: At ILP, we recognize the challenge students face during visa interviews. Our expert guidance ensures that every student is well-prepared, confidently articulating their intentions to achieve a 100% visa acceptance rate.

Focus on Genuine Intentions: Visa officers seek genuine intentions from students. ILP’s preparation emphasizes sincerity, helping students convey their true purpose and dedication during the interview.

Financial Expertise: Finances and scholarships play a crucial role in visa applications. ILP provides detailed guidance on showcasing finances effectively, ensuring that the documented resources can comfortably cover tuition and living expenses abroad.

Enhanced Document Presentation: ILP understands the importance of proper document presentation. By guiding students on proclaiming their documents and data effectively, we significantly enhance their chances of securing a study permit.

Our team is well versed in visa counselling process and they assist students with each and every essential procedure to make sure that every student secures their study visa.


Basic Documents required by a student for Visa Application :


  • Valid Passport
  • Proof of a Bonafide Student
  • Financial Lucidity
  • Language Proficiency


This is the final step of the abroad education process and a lot of students feel stressed while going through visa application process. To minimize the burden from the student we have our team of visa experts who have more than 14 years of experience in visa application process.


They guide each and every student of ILP in following aspects:


  • Visa Application Preparation and Registrations
  • Presentation Techniques
  • Visa Documentation Checklist
  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • Visa Mock Interviews
  • Information on latest rules and regulations
  • Personal approach to putting together up confidence