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Choosing International Learning Planners (ILP) for admission counselling means entrusting your academic journey to one of India’s largest and most renowned foreign education consultants. At ILP, we prioritize your future career plans, ensuring a comprehensive and personalized approach to admission counseling.

Why Opt for ILP’s Admission Counselling?

Global Recognition: ILP is globally recognized for its expertise in admission counselling, guiding students towards the world’s best educational institutions.

Individualized Approach: Your aspirations matter to us. We meticulously analyze your education background and IELTS bands to tailor our advice, shortlisting universities that align with your career plans.

Dedicated Support: Our commitment goes beyond paperwork. We dedicate our time to ensuring that you secure admission to the college or university of your choice, channeling maximum efforts into meeting your academic and career expectations.

Comprehensive Counselling: Whether you’re pursuing undergraduate, graduate, diploma, post-graduate diploma, or certificate programs, ILP provides extensive counselling to match your ambitions.

Visa Counselling: Beyond admissions, our services include visa counselling, encompassing documentation assistance and interview preparation to smoothen your journey.

Choose ILP Overseas for a seamless transition into your desired educational path. Your success is our priority!.


Discover the Advantages of Studying at ILP Overseas!

Embark on your academic journey stress-free with the numerous benefits of choosing ILP Overseas for your education:
Guided Application Process: Our experienced counsellors alleviate application pressure by guiding you through the entire process. We provide constant support, addressing all your queries and ensuring a smooth application experience.
Scholarship Assistance: ILP doesn’t just stop at applications; we go the extra mile by suggesting scholarship options tailored to your profile. Our team assists you in effectively articulating your achievements through SOPs/Essays, LORs, Resume, and more.
Precision in Documentation: Missing or incorrect documents can impact your application negatively. ILP’s meticulous team ensures precision in document submission, eliminating delays and enhancing the effectiveness of your application.

Choose ILP Overseas for a hassle-free and successful academic pursuit. Your success is our commitment!

IMPORTANT NOTE: ILP student’s application procedure remains our utmost priority which makes us one of the best educational counsellors throughout the nation.


Scholarships and Fee Waiver at ILP Overseas:

Nevertheless, due to our extensive counselling experience, ILP’s students frequently receive application fee waivers which help students and parents save abundance money. Apart from that, we are also there with the students when they go overseas and land in the country of their choice. We provide constant support in terms of accommodation as well as PR visas to each and every student of ILP.