study in new-zealand

A great place to study!!!

New Zealand is a very peaceful country in the entire world. New Zealand provides plenty of opportunities to international students in terms of full-time employment and PR on completion of education but the private, public and vocational institutions offer sterling facilities. These qualifications are highly reputable and valued throughout the world.

New Zealand’s Ministry of Education operates a code of practice for the Pastoral Care of international students wherein all the international students are provided shelter and support irrespective of their religion. Because of this, New Zealand is now recognized as the first country to set out standards for the well-being of international students. All the institutions that give admission to international students are highly obliged for their welfare and safety.

Education system in New Zealand is the best system in the world. Wellington I ranked as 16th bet city in the world for safety by the Economist 2017 safe cities Index.

All eight university of New Zealand rank high in QS World Rankings. The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) also ensures that institutional are registered to enrol international students and company with qualification standard. In New Zealand they focus on research based teaching. You will be taught in terms of various level hoe to work independently. Studying in New Zealand helps to develop their personality and also it encourage students to think critically, question and benefit from student and teacher interaction.

New Zealand offer a wonderful multicultural environment. Living in New Zealand provide every students a chance to grow with its diverse culture and natural beauty all at once.

In New Zealand as an international student you can work up to 20 hour every week during your semester and also in your full time break. If student is pursuing research, master, or a doctoral degree, student are allowed to work full time.

Preferred Stream And Subjects :

Computing & IT :

  • Computer Networking
  • Information Technology
  • Cyber Security

Business :

  • Marketing
  • International Business Management
  • Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Professional Accounting

Engineering :

  • Tourism and Event Management
  • Hospitality Management

Pre-requisite Exams :

You should clear either of PTE, TOEFL or IELTS with good scores if you want to get admission in any college or university in New Zealand. IELTS is the most preferred exam as the ielts exam dates are more versatile and you can give your ielts exam whenever you feel confident.