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study in ireland

A great place to study!!!

Ireland has one of the best education system in entire Europe. The quality of education in Ireland is among the world’s best with seven top-level universities. Ireland is very well known for its research activities and global collaboration. Ireland is a major hub for high quality scientific research which remains one of the reason why there is a growth of international students coming to Ireland every year. Ireland is one of the safest place to live in entire world and it consistently ranks among top 20 countries in the world for quality of life, peace and human development. There are more than 35,000 international students from 161 countries who love and enjoy living in Ireland.

People of Ireland are known all over the world for their friendly nature and they are more welcoming to people belonging to another religion or country. They are naturally curious and genuinely interested in others. Most of the Indian students who have opted to do their graduation from Ireland have found their stay academically rewarding and they have become more confident about their future plans. Students from abroad are entitled to work part-time while studying in Ireland.

Quality of education:

The higher education system of Ireland is ranked one of the best as it is the oldest system (since 16th century), with Irish universities ranking in the top 3% of worldwide and graduates of Ireland get the best variety of opportunities in their field of study.

The high quality research and teaching is well known.

Research opportunity: Irish universities are in the top 1% of research academics in the world. There are some of the best research facility with multicultural students to join the various programmes related to research admired over worldwide.

Lifestyle and culture:

Studying in Ireland has numerous socio-cultural, academic and professional advantages for a student. Ireland has a rich and vibrant culture and well known as one of the friendliest and safest in the world, the popular choice of study is PhD study.

‘The Emerald Isle’ has a long cultural history, seen in many of its famous figures of the Arts and humanities -Oscar Wilde. Some popularly invested subjects of Ireland academics are Science, Engineering and Technology, with its academic collaboration with Industry. The Ireland republic is an English speaking country of Eurozone.

Work opportunity:

Many globally leading companies such as in the field of Software Development, Food and Agriculture, IT, Pharma, Engineering and Medtech among the other fields are located in Ireland. Students are allowed to work while studying for about 40 hours a week for months of June, July, August, and September and at other months fit 20 hours a week.

As Irish spots are well known amongst tourists, seasonal jobs within the field of hospitality are easy to get for students.

Preferred Stream And Subjects :

Management :

  • Supply Chain and Logistics

Computing and IT :

  • Data Analytics
  • Cloud Computing

Science :

  • Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance

Pre-requisite Exams :

Most of the Irish universities accept admission of international students based on their IELTS/ TOEFL score. While some of the B-schools in Ireland also ask for GMAT score. International Learning Planners has a team of experts which provides you in-depth guidance about ielts exam syllabus and take personalized speaking interview of ielts so that you are well prepared to crack ielts examination with good bands